[CQ-Contest] 2nd Question

Bob, N5RP N5RP at pdq.net
Sun Dec 2 15:57:38 EST 2001

OK, so everyone knew the answer to my question about who lives just inside 
Pennsylvania, just past Youngstown.

So, here is question @#2; a bit harder.

KM5M came over last night with a new (old) MM3 keyer as once upon a time 
manufactured by AEA under his arm, and it does not key.

One output keying jack shows no activity; the other shows dead short.

I have no schematic to look at, but on blindly opening up the enclosure, I 
see two transistors mounted on the PC board that are located close to 
those+ and - output keying  jacks.

Are these the keying transistors, and if so, what is the nominal type or 
value of these transistors ?

I am hoping that this is all that ails the MM3, and maybe I can get it 
working for him.
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