[CQ-Contest] CW Optimized Headphones

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 6 08:16:57 EST 2001

The Riding the RF Gain thread has been very interesting reading.  I have
used the RF Gain for many years to reduce the effects of frequency
congestion, noise, etc.  It's a comfortable way to operate.

Don/WX3M's and others discussion about headphones has added another
interesting element.  I have always used full-size, cover the ears
completely headphones.

One thing I have not seen addressed is whether there are any headphones that
are optimized for CW or what modifications can be made to optimize them for
CW.  That is, make the lower and upper frequency rolloffs about 200 HZ and
1200 HZ (or something similar), respectively.

Would this help to reduce 'white noise fatigue' as mentioned in a couple of
the posts?

Would it help to reduce the 'fog of war' (why don't we have a term like 'fog
of contest'?) noise (adjacent frequency signal activity) and effects
(distraction, interference)?

Aside from external audio filters, is anyone doing anything
mechanically/electrically to their headphones to optimize them for CW?

dale, kg5u

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