[CQ-Contest] NC QSO Party Sponsorship change

Henry Heidtmann n4vhk at summitschool.com
Thu Dec 6 11:11:24 EST 2001

    As per communication with Dwayne Ayers of the Alamance ARC, The
Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, INc. W4NC  has agreed to pick up sponosrship
of the North Carolina QSO Party. We are honored to assume the
sponsorship and commend the work of Dwayne and the AARC for their
efforts the past several years to bring the QSO party back to life.

    The FARC website (http://www.w4nc.org) will have the NC QSO Party
page up in a few days. Several changes in the structure of the QSO party
will be in place for the 2002 event. Contact has already been made with
QST and CQ to get attempt publication of these changes at such a late
hour. A meeting was held yesterday to form a QSO party committee and
adjust the rules and time of the contest. After several hours, we think
we have made the QSO party even easier for people to participate, with a
heavier weight set on club competition. The length of the contest has
been reduced, and the points and bonuses have been adjusted as well. We
also tried to fix the overlap with the CQ 160 SSB Contest.  We think
these changes will help foster more participation on all levels. We
especially are excited about getting our NC clubs, as well as out of
state clubs, to participate as groups. We also hope that the time
adjustment will help more counties become active on the lower bands,
hence more multipliers in the evening.

    Mark your calendars now for the 2002 NC QSO Party
1700z Feb. 24- 0300 Feb.25, 2002 (10 hours)
A one day Sunday afternoon/evening event

    Watch the FARC website, http:// www.w4nc.org for the full rules
posting and explanation of changes.

    Again, we thank the Alamance ARC for all their efforts and we hope
to continue to build on the great foundation which they have laid for
the NC QSO Party.


Henry Heidtmann, N4VHK
NC QSO Party Chairman
Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, W4NC
Winston-Salem, NC

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            n4vhk at summitschool.com

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