[CQ-Contest] CW and Phone sub-bands

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 01:29:03 EST 2001

Hello All

I was surfing the net tonight and found a copy of W4ZV & K1ZM's RM petition 
for making CW and Phone sub-bands on 160.
Now I'm not for or against this action but what really gets me about this 
and CW and Phone portions of the other bands is that Phone ops are limited 
to only the upper part of the bands but CW ops can operate any where they 
want to! If you want to separate the upper and lower portions of the bands 
then restrict CW to the lower portion and Phone to the upper portion.
I am not trying to start the code no code debate again, and I know that a CW 
signal will get though bad band conditions when a SSB signal will not. I 
just don't understand the reason for this
I bet if I purpose that we should modify 30 meters to allow phone I would 
get all kinds of hate mail.

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