[CQ-Contest] CW and Phone sub-bands

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Thu Dec 6 19:09:00 EST 2001

All bands have this characteristic (that of CW being "allowed" all over the band, and phone only a portion)

Mike N2MG

On Thu, 06 December 2001, "Rick Bullon" wrote:

> Hello All
> I was surfing the net tonight and found a copy of W4ZV & K1ZM's RM petition 
> for making CW and Phone sub-bands on 160.
> Now I'm not for or against this action but what really gets me about this 
> and CW and Phone portions of the other bands is that Phone ops are limited 
> to only the upper part of the bands but CW ops can operate any where they 
> want to! If you want to separate the upper and lower portions of the bands 
> then restrict CW to the lower portion and Phone to the upper portion.
> I am not trying to start the code no code debate again, and I know that a CW 
> signal will get though bad band conditions when a SSB signal will not. I 
> just don't understand the reason for this
> I bet if I purpose that we should modify 30 meters to allow phone I would 
> get all kinds of hate mail.
> 73
> Rick

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