[CQ-Contest] Viruses with contesting.com topics in email

Clive Whelan clive at gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 01:13:15 EST 2001

Please be aware that some sicko is generating email messages 
with a  virus attachment with the title of a thread here.

Today I got one from a thread to which I posted only yesterday, 
being the "riding the RF gain" thread. The giveaway of these is 
that they all seem to start with an underscore in front of the 

The one in question came from the address   "Manuel de Aguilar" 
<_ea8zs at jet.es>, but I am sure it didn't come from ea8zs of 
course. So the message is if you get an email with an apparent 
address starting with an underscore, delete the attachment 
immediately( fortunately I did) Watch out!


gw3njw at gw7x.org
Contest Cambria-http://www.gw7x.org

[Actually, it probably did come from EA8ZS.  He probably was infected with the 
new "goner" virus.   Keep your PC up to date with virus checking software!
      -- cq-contest admin ]

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