[CQ-Contest] Re: Viruses with contesting.com topics in email

Ford Peterson ford at cmgate.com
Fri Dec 7 17:02:21 EST 2001

I observed infested emails ariving from towertalk and cq-contest some weeks
ago.  My firewall has been aware of problems and the norton antivirus caught
them all.

[*** you should never receive e-mail messages with attachments from cq-contest (or towertalk), they are screened before being posted.  What probably happened is that it came from someone on the list who was infected by a virus from another source.***   -- cq-contest admin]

The most notorious of the bunch is the dreaded kernel32.exe virus.  The
email arrived with a subject of a posting to towertalk I made some months
ago entitled "the CL-522 as a preamp" or some such item.  That posting could
only have been found in the archives.  When it arrived, this little bug
doesn't even need to be previewed or opened.  Get this...it wants to track
every key you type, log it in a separate file, waits until the computer is
dormant, and uses the dialer to get to your ISP then email the passwords to
one of 14 or so addresses around the world.

This may be a function of my habit of adding my personal email address for
direct contacts to all my postings.  Robots simply harvest the email
addresses from the archives and use (or sell) them for their own sinister

ford at cm---gate.com
take out the --- for the now encrypted email address...

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