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I guess I'm still confused. I got answers on both sides, and 
nothing definitive yet.


Brooke, N2BA
ballen at

Here are the responses to date:

N5NJ WROTE (folks, my name is Brooke, not Broke, though with 
what I spend on this hobby, it might as well be)

There is no specific mention of this as you cite.

There is, however, the following regarding IARU:

>>4.2. Multi Operator, Single Transmitter, Mixed Mode only

>>4.2.1. Must remain on a band *and mode* for at least 10 
minutes before
changing bands or modes. The ten-minute period begins with 
your first QSO on
the new band or mode.
>>4.2.2. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given 

(I added the asterisks)

I would suspect that the logic shown here would apply to the 
10 meter
contest as well.  Otherwise, you could conceivably run on 
both modes at the
same time with a sophisticated interlock system.

It will be interesting to see what N1ND says.

Bob N5NJ

what do the rules say?  I suspect that in m/m you can switch 
all you want...geo 

George I. Wagner, K5KG 


Hi Brooke...same rule applies ...a change to cw and back to 
ssb is 2 Rick


I see that ARRL only allows 6 band changes/hour in multi-
single in general. In the 10 meter contest, in a multi op,
can we switch between CW and Phone as many times as we want,

or is there also a limit?

The reason for only 6 band changes is so the multi-op team
won't end up (even unintentionally) start running as a
multi-two in an all band situation, so before you start
changing bands for a mult or two, you need to have the
second station fill up the band map with a bunch to make it
worth the change.

In the Ten Meter Contest there is no mention about mode
changes for multi-op except for having to be mixed mode, so
knock yourself out and bounce back and forth all you want.

See you next week!! BOTH MODES!!!
Take Care
Dave NT6K

Hi Brooke ! 

I wrote your question at for the ARRL-10m 
contest next 
I have the same question like you ! We also wnt to do a M/S 
operation as 
Did you get any response on your question? I haven´t seen one 
on the 
reflector but maybe you got one direct to your e-mail box. 
Can you tell me something 
about the band (mode) changes?? 
would be very happy, if you can tell me something..... 
Hope to hear you in the contest next weekend anyway..... 
73 de Heiko(Bud), DK3DM 

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