[CQ-Contest] Trying to use PED to prepare for 10 M contest NEVER MIND!

Jerry Flanders jflanders2 at home.com
Wed Dec 12 16:14:36 EST 2001

Got it - I remember years ago this type of program used the PC speaker, but 
this one uses the sound card. It is working fine now that I plugged the 
speakers back into the computer - duh!

Now if I could just slow it down so I can actually copy ;-)

Jerry W4UK

After discovering how rusty my CW is in last weekend's 160 contest, I am 
trying to brush up with PED.

I downloaded PED V5.19 and have installed it, but am getting no audio. It 
has been years since I have used something like this. Anybody have a clue 
why I don't hear any audio? The machine was state-of-art maybe 3 years ago 
- I presume it has a PC speaker, but am not sure - computers still have 

Win98se (using DOS box)

Jerry W4UK 

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