[CQ-Contest] RE Post Contest Log Scrubbing or Buffing?

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Dec 12 20:24:02 EST 2001


You are saying this might have been inspired by someone who needed to make
sure his "easy" zone mult would not go up in smoke, I guess...


Someone is not logging QSOs, they are being a jackass - in my humble

EVERYONE is scoring by computer - why in the heck is there reason to leave
it out - it is not like it is WORK if it is in...just like I cannot see the
reason to not log dupes...the computer takes em out for you score  wise it
is no big deal anymore...in the days of #2 pencils and op aide 6 I sort of
understand the logic but most of us have not done contest logging that way
in about 15 or 20 years, no?

Are people embarrassed by 0 point QSOs...if so they better look in the
mirror and ask themselves if they would like THEIR QSOs left out of the

Me thinks something stinks...

Jim, K4OJ

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> On 12 Dec 2001,, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
> > The subtle implication that mebbe I should be in your log at this time
> > me puke.
> Hey Jim-Bob...hold down your lunch...
> My first impression is to handle it like this:
> Tell the other guy "yeah, you're in the log"...and then delete him!
> No prob.
> But then I got to thinking...well, maybe it's not really a log-
> massage issue, maybe it's a post-contest-tweak-the-other-guy
> issue.
> It could be some jerk US MM station that received the email from
> another US station who was asking the question because the jerk
> US MM station has been known to not log US QSOs...even after
> being told the mult was needed...
> Because this happened to me, and I got penalized for the jerk's
> failure to log me, I can understand the question being asked...but it
> wasn't me this time.  I no longer look at the UBN/NIL/EIEIO reports
> because of the increased blood pressure it can cause, and don't
> worry if stuff gets removed from my log...either by my fault or the
> other guy's.
> (No offense intended toward any MM station, unless you're the one
> that screwed me...and you know who you are!)
> Of course, the proper action would be to not respond to such an
> email until after the log submission deadline...then it's open
> season, let your conscience be your guide!
> 73 de Lee
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