[CQ-Contest] What do SO2R guys do in 10m contest?

ballen at bravoalpha.com ballen at bravoalpha.com
Thu Dec 13 12:47:39 EST 2001

Some replies:

The radios I've been using are: IC-780/781 (The Japanese 
domestic model, same in nearly all regards) and FT-1000MP.

Regarding blowing up the front end: I put a small 1.5V 
flashlight light bulb in series with the receive antenna. 
This buld doesn't even glow now, though in the earliest days 
it would light if two antennas are two close. I have never 
damaged a front end, but I have blown out the 20DB 
antennuator once.

I should do RF measurements, especially if I'm considering HP.

73, Brooke, N2BA

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