[CQ-Contest] K4OJ's Problem

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 17 10:41:40 EST 2001

I agree 100% with Dave. Not only should dupes not be removed, 
they should be worked without question. It's much more efficient 
than arguing with someone about it.
I called a W8, who happened to be a mult at the time. He comes 
back QSO B4. I say NO, PSE RPRT. He comes back QRX QRX -- -
- QSO AT 0119Z. I scroll back thru log to see if I busted his call 
(doubtful, unless I busted his state too), and nothing close in the 
log at that time. I beg for "another" report, he gives it.  If this took 
place during a time when band was open to EU, I probably could 
have made 5 more QSOs in the meantime.
Barry W2UP

On 17 Dec 01, at 7:13, David Mueller wrote:

>    Why remove dupes at all?  CT knows it is a dupe and
> assigns 0 points to the QSO.  The log checkers don't
> care how many dupes you have in the log, as long as
> you don't take QSO point credit for them.
>    I often have stations dupe me.  I just log them
> (zero QSO points) and move on.  What if the station is
> calling you because he either miscopied your call or
> never actually worked you previously?  Your score will
> suffer as a result since you aren't in his log.  
>    I find it much faster to simply work the dupe and
> move on.  Trying to explain to someone that you
> already worked him is wasting precious time you could
> be using to work more stations.
> 73, Dave N2NL

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