[CQ-Contest] 6th Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

Lew lew at teleport.com
Mon Dec 17 21:51:02 EST 2001

      This epistle is a reminder to TopBand Enthusiasts around the world 
concerning the Sixth running of the Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge.
This years event starts at 1500Z Dec 29 and ends at 1500Z Dec 30 2001. 
14 hours may be used for DXing on the 160M band utilizing CW mode only 
with grid squares used as part of the exchange.  Confused?? For the 
rules and further important information just consult most any reputable 
Amateur Radio Publication, National Geographic, The Ladies Home Journal, or:

       I lied about the National Geographic and the Ladies Home Journal, 
but no lies when I tell you that The Boring Amateur Radio Club sponsors 
this fun filled event that tests the mettle of the Players. Shakey on 
the Code or worried about a CW only event? Jump in anyway...send QRS and 
AGN until you copy the exchange. Blame the poor copy on conditions and 
QSB...no one need ever know you're lousy with the code and you'll 
discover that CW contesting is Fun while you improve your abilities!
       K1PX provides certificates for winners for high scores in each 
grid field. Plaques are awarded for whatever the participants feel are 
outstanding achievements in this contest. Please cruise to the above web 
site to peruse prior past year's plaques and categories to get a flavor 
for the winnable hardware.
       You, yes You!-Can sponsor a plaque! By sending me an e-mail at 
the address below, noting the category that you would like to 
immortalize and following that up with a check for $50.00, your place in 
The Stew Perry TopBand Plaque sponsorship arena will be secured. Prior 
sponsors will be given priority, unless somebody else beats them to it. 
All decisions regarding the appropriateness of the plaques are usually 
capricious, but made by the Plaque Committee of The Boring Amateur Radio 
      Last years plaques are late, due to technical difficulties, but 
should be shipped before this year expires. Sponsors who haven't 
reimbursed The Boring Amateur Radio Club for these late plaques will be 
gently touched electronically soon by yours truly.
      Already this year a new plaque is being sponsored for those 
Operators who find 160M and 6M their cup of tea. It honors the top 
combined score for 160M & 6M. Same rules for 6M : CW only with call and 
grid square being the exchange with the 6M log clearly being 
differentiated from the 160M log. Again all final decisions regarding 
results of the contest are judged by The Boring Amateur Radio Club.
     Further posts will delineate the sponsored catagories and the 
Stalwarts who stand behind these beautiful plaques.
     So spiff up that wire and lay a few more radials. Go read about the 
test, sponsor a plaque and get fired up about participating in the 
Latest, Greatest Operating Event of the Year... The Stew Perry TopBand 
DX Challenge.
     73 and  I remain,
     Lew   W7EW/W7AT
     Chairman Plaqueing Committee, The Boring Amateur Radio Club
     lew at teleport.com
     P.O.Box 3110
     Salem, Oregon  97302

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