[CQ-Contest] Re: K4OJ's problem

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Tue Dec 18 16:33:06 EST 2001

N4ZR wrote:

>I think there's another good reason to do this -- you may not have been in
>HIS log the first time (pileup error or something), and if not, and he
>sends his log in, that QSO won't count.

        Yes, that's the risk...these are the judgement calls that make
the difference in contesters.  I logged 63 dupes out of 2494 total QSO's
so I normally DO log them...but when a station is EXTREMELY weak, you can
waste a lot of time for nothing so I often choose not to.  Many times I
ignore stations calling that are so weak I feel I'll never get their call 
or exchange.  I'm more likely to try to dig them out in contests like CQWW
or CQ 160 where I know the exchange if I get their call...but in serial
number exchange contests like ARRL 10 or WPX, I'm more likely to ignore
the water-weak guys who call.  ARRL DX is somewhere in between because
the exchange is usually a round number.  The funny thing about all this
is that serial numbers are not actually checked for some contests, but
it's an integrity thing to me that I want to log what is sent correctly
or not at all. 

        The judgement of "water-weak" is probably different for every
contester depending on your location, antennas and ears.  I've learned
through experience what my threshold is and don't waste my time trying
to go below it.

                                                73,  Bill  W4ZV


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