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kl7ra kl7ra at blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 18 10:20:02 EST 2001

I received this e-mail after the ten meter contest, no comments necessary.

You have a great signal here in va.
I tried for a HALF HOUR to call you ands there are so many RUDE ops on the air 
that I will not likely take part in any more arrl contests.
I could not get through so finally just quit,  I would have like to have given you a few points,
and said hello:  but I guess idiot's just do not care.
may desire to use hf, just got lessened. so much for the HI quality of ham radio.

My reply:

Sorry to hear that we missed your call. This happens a lot in a contest. We normal
listen for everyone but usually the strongest gets through. The ARRL contest are
a lot of fun so they are very popular. A lot of stations will be on the air and this does
make things chaotic at times. 
I also called stations that couldn't get my call, mostly in Europe. I find it best to try
again after a little while, sometimes the band changes and they get your call right
away, sometimes not. 
I hope you will try a contest again. You might try talking to someone in your area
that is a contester and ask what might help your results. 
If you are around next weekend we should try a sked. Let me know and we can set
up a time and freq.
Good luck.
73 Rich KL7RA  

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