Fwd: [CQ-Contest] 10-meter contest; directivity or the lack thereof

Jim Rhodes rhodes at evertek.net
Tue Dec 18 15:29:42 EST 2001

I found that from my QTH in Nebraska, I had to turn the beam north to work 
a Texas station at one point in the contest. That had to be scatter. There 
were others that seemed to be off the short path, but that one stands out.

>Early Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to find that my tribander stack
>seemed to have lost its directivity.  The array was aimed about 45 degrees,
>but I was also getting answers off the side, from the likes of VE4-7, WA,
>OR, all the way out to KH6!  This went on for a couple of hours, till the
>Europeans were gone.
>A couple of explanations occurred to me:
>-- In this contest, people expect to be able to hear and work weak signals,
>so off-the-side QSOs happen all the time.
>-- Backscatter can enhance sigs in non-favored directions.
>Anyone got any better ideas?  I'm just curious.
>73, Pete N4ZR
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