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> I have my suspicion that this guy "quits" a lot more than just ham radio. 

 Not necessarily. Contesting is my favorite aspect of amateur radio but I also get tired of the rude operators in pile-ups. In the last phone SS there were so many rude operators that I decided to quit several hours early. I thought to myself----this isn't fun anymore and I have better things to do with my time than listen to this mess. In the 10m contest a strong US station tried to break in while I was trying to work a weak EA1. Instead of respecting the current QSO, he tried to blow through for a quick point. I ignored him. I have noticed that some contests seem to elicit more rudeness and I am finding myself putting more effort into the fun ones. 

 Some of the rudeness can be better managed by the big stations calling CQ.  (This is not directed to KL7RA whome I have heard and who works them well.)  Too often big signal stations and even rare DX do not say QRZ nor give any signal when they are done with contact and awaiting people to call him/her.  This encourages unruly behavior---people breaking in during QSOs and calling over and over and drawing out the pile-up way too long. At times people lose control by calling for the 9 station and then answering a non-9 station and
 that signals that people do not need to listen to the CQer's request. 

 I do not know this particular ham's history, but you can bet that if I feel the same way (me who loves contesting!), then casual contestors and newbies to contesting are experiencing the same. 

 Merri AB0MV 

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Logging Dupes
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I guess nobody has brought that out:

My feeling is that there are stations who dupe some multipliers deliberately
in the second half of the contest when the rates are slow to make sure that
they are in the log.

In CQWW CW, I remember that we had quite nice US pile-ups on 40m and 20m at
ES9C in the last hours of the contest and in times more than half of the
QSOs were dupes. It was really funny. And most of them were 1x2 US calls
probably quite seriously in the contest so we could copy each other very
well and probably copied as well during the first QSO.

I really got myself thinking that they were probably hedging their risks and
while scrolling the band at the end of the contest duped us to make sure
they have the multiplier.

What do you think? Is it OK? It's not really carelessness but sober and
calculated behaviour and thus you can't really blame them, can you?

BTW, while going through the log now I identified the record holder - UA9FMZ
worked us 6 times on 20m! QSOs all nicely spread out on 48 hours:)


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> Guess I started something here...
> Thanks for the MANY replies I received in my inbox this morning,
> especially the ones from people who actually got my point...To the ones
> who missed the point, I will clarify...
> My original comments about dupes were aimed mainly at the many stations
> (100+)  who called me during  busy runs last weekend BEFORE checking
> their logs to see if we had already worked...They sometimes even
> admitted to doing this while apologizing for doing it...Some callers
> made an honest mistake...That happens...Some callers probably busted my
> call earlier (or vise-versa)...That happens too...Others were nothing
> but careless and wasted my time and QSO points...Many op's jump in
> blindly when they hear a huge pileup...OK for the S&P guys who aren't
> worried about the rhythm of a run or rates...Not so great for those who
> are doing the "running"...Mistakes happen, especially during large
> pileups...My point was that many dupes could be avoided if a little more
> care was taken by everyone...If any doubt exists, ask again to be sure
> of the call or exchange...Check your log BEFORE calling a guy in the
> middle of a run...I don't see the point of logging a dupe that both
> parties agree is a dupe...Guess I wasn't as clear as I could have
> been...Anyway, had fun in the contest and looking forward to the next
> one as always...
> 73, Scott VE1OP
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