[CQ-Contest] quiet monitor

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Wed Dec 19 19:29:53 EST 2001

At 10:59 AM 12/19/01 -0500, Bruce Lallathin wrote:
>Are the currently available thin flat panel LCD type monitors quiet in 
>terms of RFI for contesting. Anyone have experience with them? In the past 
>it has been hard to find a really quiet monitor, here anyway.


I have two NEC 1530-V LCD monitors here.  K9TM also has a pair.  These are 
15" LCDS which are wonderful to look at and appear to be dead quiet.  Also, 
its nice to avoid the "AC hum wiggles" when you rotate a Tailtwister or 
turn on your amp.  'TM has one of his centered between has two AL-1500s and 
its dead stable.

These are available under $300 now.  Highly recommended.



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