[CQ-Contest] Logging Dupes

Karl Kaukis Karl at kaukis.com
Wed Dec 19 21:20:24 EST 2001

My take on this whole issue is that not logging dupes is not smart

I am what you would call a casual contester and typically work S&P so pretty
much I have a very good idea of who I am calling.  I also use logging
software so it is very nearly impossible for me to call a previously logged
station ("%B%B" at the.start of the S&P call macro in Writelog).

I get "QSO B4" several times during a typical contest.

Most of those stations are run stations who think they worked me but didn't.
Probably I worked a nearby station - but not them (a particular issue in CW
and SSB contests).

Perhaps I busted a call.  Thats possible too, but in most of the cases, I
have nothing vaguely like the "QSO B4" station in my log at anywhere close
to the time they indicate.

Most stations will work me again but frankly the wasted time for them and me
with the QSO B4 rigamarole and the exchange of the times and then me calling
them again to tell them they are not in my log and would they please log me
again is not particularly good contesting efficiency either for them or for

So if you are sending me the "QSO B4" message, I can almost guarantee that
your "B4 QSO" isn't going to count after they check the logs because you are
not in my log - one way or the other.

Log it and move on.  You don't know who screwed up on these - you or the
other station.

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> I personally will not log a dupe...Can cause op's to get lazy...I had
> several people tell me "Sorry, I wasn't sure if we worked before or
> not..." in ARRL 10 metre last weekend...That means THEY did not get it
> right the first time, or wanted me to take the time to look and tell
> them whether we have worked or not...Not my job and a big waste of time
> for me...I say log it correctly the first time...I've spent many minutes
> getting reports sent back over and over to MAKE SURE it is logged right
> in my log the first time...(One QRP Isreal station comes to mind... :-)
> Dupes are considered blemishes in my log...I therefore use F7 very often
> and then move on...That's my own opinion...
> 73, and C U in the RAC Canada Winter Contest Dec 29th...It's a fun
> one...
> Scott
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