[CQ-Contest] We all gotta lighten up a bit

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Amen.  Some sanity in the asylum. Someone who has a life.

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> Hi all,
> There's one thing that keeps occurring to me whenever I hear moaning about
> dupes or griping about some lid's lousy fist or whining about "logging
> was sent"... (Particularly since we seem to wring our hands over the same
> issues every year.)
> That is this: Not everybody is going to be as PERFECT as we are.
> For many people you are going to work in a contest, it is still JUST A
> HOBBY. So you'll have guys that aren't keeping logs, since they don't plan
> to send one in anyway, but like to get into the action a bit. They're
> probably going to call you a couple of times, maybe more. They're not
> they're not disrespectful, they're just trying to be helpful, and from
> standpoint the concept of duping probably doesn't even enter their mind.
> You'll have casual ops who just want what every person wants when they
> down multiple large on a toy: they wanna have some fun. WHO CAN BLAME
> Is it that much of a strain to simply be polite, work the guy, say 73 and
> move on rather than trying to educate the unwashed masses to the evils of
> dupes?
> You'll have guys that make mistakes, sometimes big ones, sometimes ones
> seem the result of negligence. What, YOU'VE never made a mistake?
> You'll have guys whose computers go south mid-contest but who still want
> stay in the game. Do we really need to be morons and tell them to go and
> self-reproduce? (I think this guy was being a real knob.)
> So what if someone sends cut numbers? It's not against the rules. (Read
> last sentence carefully.) Yes, the rules say numbers. But they don't
> restrict abbreviating exchange information any more than they restrict
> abbreviating New York City Long Island to NLI. In fact, the rules don't
> mandate use of International Morse Code any more than they mandate the use
> of English during phone contests. You could work a station in Swahili and
> wouldn't count any less. Just because YOU don't like something doesn't
> it's against the rules.
> We NEED to not alienate those who give us Qs by being anal.
> Relax. Chill out. I'll bet your scores will be the better for it. I know
> fine art of contesting will be.
> 73,
> kelly,
> ve4xt
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