[CQ-Contest] Reliable Voice/CW Keyer for Omni VI+

Frank W8HO W8HO at qsl.net
Mon Dec 24 12:53:16 EST 2001

Hello to all and Happy Holidays!

As I look forward to the remaining contest season I am faced with a 
dilemma--Which voice keyer or better yet a combination voice/cw keyer will 
operate with an Omni?

I love my pair of Omni Rigs but they do have a "quirk" that makes 
contesting life a bit more difficult than it needs to be.  As anyone who 
uses an Omni knows--the quirk is their 4 pin Mic with electret voltage 
supplied from the rig.  This causes great difficulty for those of us using 
the Heil headsets (or any other Heil Microphone).  The Heil cartridges 
simply won't drive the Omni unless one uses an amplifier like the W2IHY 

It also causes difficulty trying to use a voice keyer for the same 
reason.  All the keyers I have tried will not drive the Omni unless routed 
through an amplifier like the W2IHY, and by the time u do that, u have 
feedback loops or with a couple PC based sound board systems--u get RF on 
the transmitted audio.

How about it, anyone out there successfully using a voice keyer with an 
Omni?  Naturally my CW keyer by Logikey works fine for CW, but is there a 
combo CW/Voice model that someone has gotten to operate properly?

Thanks for ur help and may all of ur Christmas/Holiday wishes be fulfilled!

Frank W8HO (ex WB8ZEV)

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