[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

Lew lew at teleport.com
Thu Dec 27 23:35:09 EST 2001

Denizens of the TopBand,
      The time grows near for the start of The Stew Perry TopBand DX 
Challenge. If you need a refresher regarding the rules, or want to be 
generally amused, then cruise to:


      The Boring Amateur Radio Club, which sponsors this great test of 
Operator, Ether, and Wire, is proud to note the Stalwarts among us who 
have ponied up $50.00 each to sponsor a category that they individually 
feel important to emphasize as part of the Contesting Struggle. 
Suggestions have been proffered for categories, but all plaques come 
from the Players, not from some unforeseen structure or force. So If you 
feel a certain area should be rewarded or recognized, simply let me know 
at my e-mail address below and promise to send me the $ to pay for the 
plaque. Simple as that!

    The Plaques that are offered for this years edition of The Stew 
Perry and the Stalwarts who are sponsoring them are:

Donor                   Category
ND3A, Rob             Top Score-World
ND3A, Rob             Top Score, Hi-Power Oceania
N5OT, Mark            Top Score, S/O, Hi-Power
QSL's by N0TT         Top Score,S/O, Age<21, QSO's>50
AA8U, Bruce           Top Score,S/O,QRP W8 area
K7CA, Al,             Top Score, S/O South America
W7GG, Bob             Top Score Op age > 60
N5IA, Milt            Highest Grid Square total,S/O
WA9IRV, Ron           Top Score S/O,Maine, NB, NS
K1FK, Dave            Calcutta Award-top score OH,MAN,WI,MN,ND
Low Band Monitor      Top Score, S/O North America
K1PX, Jim             Top EU, 100W score
KJ9C, Mel             Top Score Black Hole (>800 miles from ocean)
WA2DFI, Scotty        Top Score Canada
AA4NN, Joe            Top Score, EU,S/O, Hi-Power
Boring Amateur Radio  Top Combined score 160M + 6M

      If you are struck with a brilliant category, and wish to sponsor 
it, there is still time! Simply let us know. The donor's call is also 
inscribed on the plaque along with the combatant who won the piece of 
art. Last year's plaques are finally finished and are safely locked up 
in a secret area on Mt. Domitrix, waiting for the opportunity to be 
mailed to the winners in various corners of the world where the 160M RF 
energy has fallen heavily.
      Add the radials, feed the cats, stretch the Beverage and get on 
for this year's edition of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge!
     73 and I remain,
     Lew   W7EW/W7AT
     Boring Amateur Radio Club Plaque Meister
     lew at teleport.com

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