[CQ-Contest] Plaques for the Stew Perry TopBAnd Dx Challenge

Lew lew at teleport.com
Sat Dec 29 02:17:19 EST 2001

The Time is almost upon us to start the contest. If you've been living 
in a cave and want information about this sterling 160M CW contest, then 
cruise to:

     The response to reward the superior operators in this nocturnal 
tussle has been just great! Peruse the categories and pick one out. All 
you have to do is whip any other Topbander out there to receive one of 
these treasure plaques. They are truly spiffy.
     The Plaques that are offered for this years edition of The Stew
Perry and the Stalwarts who are sponsoring them are:

Donor                   Category
ND3A, Rob             Top Score-World
ND3A, Rob             Top Score, Hi-Power Oceania
N5OT, Mark            Top Score, S/O, Hi-Power
QSL's by N0TT         Top Score,S/O, Age<21, QSO's>50
AA8U, Bruce           Top Score,S/O,QRP W8 area
K7CA, Al,             Top Score, S/O South America
W7GG, Bob             Top Score Op age > 60
N5IA, Milt            Highest Grid Square total,S/O
WA9IRV, Ron           Top Score S/O,Maine, NB, NS
K1FK, Dave            Calcutta Award-top score ON,MAN,WI,MN,ND
Low Band Monitor      Top Score, S/O North America
K1PX, Jim             Top EU, 100W score
KJ9C, Mel             Top Score Black Hole (>800 miles from ocean)
WA2DFI, Scotty        Top Score Canada
AA4NN, Joe            Top Score, EU,S/O, Hi-Power
Boring Amateur Radio  Top Combined score 160M + 6M
KL7RA, Rich           Most QSO's
Horned Toads Wireless Top Score Mexico
W4SAA, Joe            Top Score, S/O, USA
N7JW, Lee             Top Score, S/O, Japan
KI7Y, Jim             Top Score,S/O, West Coast

     If any sharp eyed contestor notices a category that needs 
attention, pledge the $50.00 to The Boring Amateur Radio Club and notify 
me right away. We appreciate the great and growing support for this 
unique contest. Hope to hear you on the Band!
      73 and I remain,
      Lew  W7EW/W7AT
      Boring Amateur Radio Club Minister of Encription
      lew at teleport.com

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