[CQ-Contest] K4OJs problem

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Sat Dec 29 09:20:11 EST 2001

On 12/18/01 9:40 PM, James P. Cassidy at 107770.3462 at compuserve.com wrote:

>I recall this same thread a year or two ago when someone, may have been
>ON4UN, commented that with the use of computer logging by a large number of
>stations that it was a waste of time to tell someone they were already in
>your log.  Obviously they are not in a log if the station calls for a QSO.
>The fact they are in your log does not mean they are in my log.

Yes and no. It depends. Quite often, I end up calling stations multiple 
times when a) I copied their call incorrectly either the first or second 
time, or b) when they have failed to give their callsign when working 
multiple stations.

I wonder if the complaints about all the duplicate contacts come from 
operators who give their call every 10 minutes or so (whether they need 
to or not <grin>).

>At least one station this weekend will end up without a contact from my
>station due to not making what he thought was a dupe QSO.

If one guy is insistant he isn't in the log -- there's absolutely no 
reason not to work him.

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