[CQ-Contest] Cable management

PETER BARRON ve3pn at igs.net
Thu Feb 1 06:29:19 EST 2001

For controlling cable, runs around the shack there are some items are
reasonably priced and some rather expensive but very clean approaches, this
is some thing I've tried or seen.  An Internet search for "wire management"
also gives a good view of what's out there and give some ideas as well. The
problem with some of these is that they only move the problem somewhere else
(usually to the floor!)

Spiral WRAP tubing [ALPHA, or PANDUIT  this material can be used easily and
can bend around edges easily and held in place with tie wraps. This is quite
reasonably priced and cosmetically its not too bad to my eyes but others may
find it garish i.e. ugly. However it is very easy to change routings over
time. Velcro also works well for this , rolls can be obtained at hardware
stores these days.

  SPLIT_LOOM tubing from SPC or PANDUIT is available in a number of sizes
1/4" to 1"  in 50' and 100' lengths . It can be looped over cup hooks or
tied down with sticky back lugs etc, to hold position.  Automotive supply
houses frequently carry heavy black types, some audio/ parts shops have some
every nice brightly colored types, in shorter lengths. This also can have
changes made over time with ease.

A cheaper solution is to use Shower rail covers available at hardware stores
it is however a bit stiffer and it needs securing in place and only works
well with thin cables i.e. those up to 3/16ths dia. To make exit points its
best to use a hot knife or soldering iron tip, to prevent splitting.

Really nice WIRING DUCTS or TRAYS are really very nice BUT they are not
always cheap or easy to get in small quantities, but you can find low cost
parts if you look around.

See the above links for ideas etc
I have no connection with any of the above sites or companies

Long live Velcro!!!  Different colored cables help a lot in identifying as
do clear LARGE permanent labels.

ve3pn at igs.net

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