[CQ-Contest] Multi-Single - How?

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Sat Feb 3 11:58:55 EST 2001


Multi-Single can be a lot of fun, but in CQWW and ARRL, the rules
governing how that second station is used are significantly different.

In CQWW, the second or 'Mult' station can work multipliers on other
bands pretty much at will(changing bands every 10 minutes) without
interrupting the 'Run' station.  The Mult station, in compliance with
the 10 minute rule, can work new multipliers constantly.

In ARRL, what used to be called "the ten minute rule" or now, "six
band changes per hour" is controlling what you do with the 'Mult'
station.  Also, when you do decide to change bands, the 'Run' station
must stop transmitting while the Mult Station transmits and completes
it's QSO.  Having two radios is only an advantage because you can
listen on the second radio.

For example, the Run station is running on 20m.  You know there are
several multipliers on 15m.  In CQ, the Mult station can go to 15m (if
he has not changed bands in the last 10 minutes), and work them
without altering or interrupting the Run stations' operation.  In
ARRL, the Run station must stop running, the Mult station can then
begin to work the mults on 15m (band change #1) and when done, the Run
station can resume running on 20m (band change #2).  Resuming the run
on 20 assumes that he has not lost his frequency etc.

If you want to use two radios in ARRL, and Multi-Single seems a little
too complicated, you may wish to consider Multi-Two.  This allows two
transmitters on the air on two bands (running) at the same time.  This
is a very competitive category but might be more fun.

Read the rules carefully for all the details of how each works.


Robert E. Naumann
N5NJ / V26O
N5NJ at arrl.net
Plano, TX  USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE
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 > I'm considering a multi-single effort in the upcoming ARRL DX Phone
 > contest, and want to use a run station as well as a mult station. We
 > multi-single at AE9B during the CQ WW Phone contest and it became
 > that a mult station would have been a great help. But I'm absolutely
 > stumped as to the mechanics of how you operate both stations,
ensuring only
 > one signal on the air at a time, without completely disrupting any
 > the run station might have.
 > Could someone give me a short "play-by-play" of how operation at a
 > multi-single with a run station and mult station might go?
 > Thanks & 73,
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