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Dennis Vernacchia n6ki at juno.com
Sun Feb 4 14:23:49 EST 2001


	How does this really benefit ham radio?
Is this necessarily "good" publicity

	There is an excellent video out that was produced several
years ago by CQ Magazine I believe, hosted by K1AR.
Although it was targeted for new hams that might be interested
in contesting, I believe a non ham might have found most of the tape
of interest.

		The kind of publicity we need is something along the
of what was presented by one of the TV news magazines along the
lines of the Pirate incident in the carribean where that teen was
critically injured and helped by ham radio.

	I'd be careful about turning the media loose without
some direction, lest we wind up with a Jerry Springer episode
where  a contestor and his RFI antaganized neighbor duke it out.

73, Dennis N6KI




Dennis Vernacchia N6KI

On Sun, 4 Feb 2001 13:32:34 -0500 "Tom Wagner" <tomwagner at mindspring.com>
 >The email below is a response to a message I sent to
 >A&E.  They have a program called "The Competition"
 >that covers oddball competitions, such as BBQ cook-
 >offs and the like.
 >Well, what competition is more oddball than ham radio
 >contesting?  If a few people sent pictures of their
 >antenna farms and invited them to film them in CQWW
 >this fall, maybe we could get some free publicity for this
 >thing we love.
 >Tom Wagner - N1MM
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 > > >I'd like to see "The Competition" cover a major ham radio contest.
 > > guys sometimes have four or more towers up to 300' tall, huge
 >antennas and
 > > up to six radios operating at the same time, trying to beat other
 > > in different parts of the world. The contests last 48 hours and as
 >many as
 > > 10,000 stations are contacted around the world. The largest contest
 >is in
 > > November and sponsored by CQ Magazine --
 > > >
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 > > Viewer correspondence  is the best way for us to know what subjects
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