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Harry A. Hodges w6yoo at utm.net
Mon Feb 5 19:30:30 EST 2001

Hi All,

A&E network gets more of my viewing than anything else other than the 
History Channel. "Competition" is sometimes VERY off the wall but treated 
very seriously. Watched one recently about people gathering to play at 
being mountain men, a la Bridger. Tomahawk  throwing for accuracy was one 
of the competions.

Thorough coverage of an ARRL Field Day at several sites would show the 
"competition" but also the ability for Hams to operate under adverse 
conditions. The "Greaseburgers" normally consumed at Field Day might 
attract the "Fast Food Set" to the hobby.

73, Harry

 >I have only seen one episode of "The Competition".  It
 >is not like Jerry Springer.  It's premise seems to be that
 >some people take odd things **very** seriously.  The
 >one I saw was a BBQ competition.  The narrators had
 >great respect that these were people who just wanted to
 >do something extremely well.
 >A&E seems to understand that doing something extremely
 >well, even if it is trivial in the grand scheme of things, is
 >something to be admired.  Don't you?  What is the purpose
 >of a basketball game, anyway?
 >Have others seen episodes of "The Competition"?  Can
 >you confirm or dispute A&E's treatment of these competitions?
 >Tom Wagner - N1MM
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 > > Tom,
 > >
 > > How does this really benefit ham radio?
 > > Is this necessarily "good" publicity
 > >
 > > There is an excellent video out that was produced several
 > > years ago by CQ Magazine I believe, hosted by K1AR.
 > > Although it was targeted for new hams that might be interested
 > > in contesting, I believe a non ham might have found most of the tape
 > > of interest.
 > >
 > > The kind of publicity we need is something along the
 > > lines
 > > of what was presented by one of the TV news magazines along the
 > > lines of the Pirate incident in the carribean where that teen was
 > > critically injured and helped by ham radio.
 > >
 > > I'd be careful about turning the media loose without
 > > some direction, lest we wind up with a Jerry Springer episode
 > > where  a contestor and his RFI antaganized neighbor duke it out.
 > > (heh)
 > >
 > > 73, Dennis N6KI
 > >

Harry A. Hodges, W6YOO
ARRL ASM - VE Team Leader

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