[CQ-Contest] New Sprint Operating Technique

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Mon Feb 5 18:06:49 EST 2001

I agree 100% that asking a station to move to another band after they answer
a CQ is a 2nd solicitation and against the rules.

I got into this exact discussion via email with an operator who told me he
did this. His justification was that he had a different interpretation of
the rules. I don't think so.

Log checking software CAN catch this as the Cabrillo format shows the
frequency of the QSO if the computer reads that data from the radio. I think
most Sprint operators have the computer reading the radio's frequency.

  If the log shows two QSOs on the same frequency and the 2nd QSO is with the
same station as the QSO following the 2nd QSO, this would raise a red flag.
Of course, the operator could argue it was the station who responded to the
CQ who made the request to move bands, which would not be against the rules.

However, I think Dave's comment on the reflector should be sufficient to end
this practice.

73, Ken, K6LA, Ken Six Los Angeles


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