[CQ-Contest] QSY solicitation in Sprints

Patrick Barkey PBARKEY at gw.bsu.edu
Tue Feb 6 10:20:51 EST 2001

 >> As Ken aptly points out, there is nothing wrong with the
station who answers
 >> a CQ to use his right to "solicit a qso" on that frequency to
move the station
 >> he just worked

Excuse me, I disagree quite strongly.

It is not allowed by the rules, since the old station must QSY
at least 1 kHz before he answers a solicitation.  Your "solicitation"
was on the same frequency, even if the QSO takes place on
another band.

You must work for that new QSO by attracting someone, not by
taking further advantage of what you have "in the book."

The beauty of the Sprint is that it is chaos.  Arrangements such as
these that yield extra QSOs are not permitted.

    - Pat

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