[CQ-Contest] Sprint Solicitations

N7RX n7rx at arrl.net
Tue Feb 6 11:09:34 EST 2001

As someone who traffics in rule interpretation for a living, I alway find these
6 or so threads a year very entertaining.

Anyway, I understand the QSY rule as written perfectly well and the people who
want to split hairs to pick-up a few more mults are welcome to do it. The rule
is what distinguishes this test from other, and its almost surreal to suggest
anything other than one call solication per freq.

What I don't understand is why those who take this game so seriously and thus
feel the need to argue the fine points don't promote the use of referrees. All
legitimate sports have judges empaneled for rules enforcement. I hear rules
violations and unsportsmanlike conduct almost every contest but I never hear
of anybody being penalized. Since we have no assurance that people aren't 
I wonder sometimes why we bother to publish scores.



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