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In message <NBBBKBDCILGLJAKPJILNCENFCBAA.otterstad at enter.vg>, ragnar
otterstad <otterstad at enter.vg> writes
 >I propose penalty for :

 >no compliance with the IARU band plan.    Should work both ways.  This is
 >typically a
 >phone problem, for example on 40 when US stations ask for response on
 >say  7035 ,
 >which is CW in Region 1.


The contest summary sheet only says that you complied with your license
conditions and contest rules, which most people are, even if they do
operate SSB at 7035.  It says nothing about the IARU band plan which has
no legal standing in most countries.  In the UK it is perfectly LEGAL to
operate SSB at 7010 if we want, though I must admit, you wouldn't make
many friends if you were that low in the band!!

Note, I'm a 90+% CW op and I have NO problem with people LEGALLY using
SSB below 7040 for a couple of weekends each year.

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