[CQ-Contest] wanted: Contest Constable, first class

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 9 18:23:09 EST 2001

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World-renowned amateur radio organization seeks experienced contester 
willing to set aside a dream hobby to become an on-air radio cop.

Duties include scanning bands before, during and after contests in the vain 
hope of finding a rule infraction, no matter how insignificant and 
reporting same to contest organizers. Must be willing to work long hours 
for no pay and expend enormous amounts on receiving equipment with little 
or no recompense. Ability to monitor several receivers at once an asset. 
Must be an experienced Internet hacker, able to simultaneously monitor all 
e-mail and Web activity of all participants of any contest to scan for 
suspected log-scrubbing activity. Multiple worldwide receiving sites a 
plus. Must be willing to withstand a constant stream of whining from 
contesters wondering why you didn't catch so-and-so.

Omnipotence preferred but will consider suitable combination of education 
and experience.

We offer no salary, no benefits and, on balance, negative opportunity for 

If this sounds like you, send your resume and family doctor's name to your 
nearest mental health centre. Be sure to mark on envelope "Voluntary 


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