[CQ-Contest] call sign in contests

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 19:07:02 EST 2001

Hello all
I am considering upgrading to extra class just for the extra frequency
privileges. I have been told that upgrading would give me a shorter call an
thus it would be easier in contests.
I have found that the extra calls that are being issued now are 2X2 calls.
Mine is a 2X3 call. I can't see how a call being 1 letter shorter would be
an advantage in a contest. Am I wrong in this thinking? BTW I am a phone op
not a cw op.
I remember being told a while back that it was possible to get another call
just for contests but I was never told how to do this is this possible and
if so how.
I like my present call but I have been told that it is to long for contests
and that a shorter call would be better. I know that I could go the vanity
route but I don't like that idea.
So my questions are
Is a 2x2 call better than a 2x3 call in contests or not?
Is it possible to have a second shorter call (1x2) and still keep my 2x3
call also?
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