[CQ-Contest] Dunestar mod. 600 insertion rf loss

Gian Luca Cazzola glcazzola at iol.it
Tue Feb 20 18:48:29 EST 2001

  I have found that connecting my new Dunestar model 600 to my FT1000MP or to
  my Cubic Astro 102-BXA,  on an Heathkit Cantenna Dummy load, there are rf
  loss that seem to me  too high.
  Examples (measurements with Bird 43 unit 250w or Drake MN2700 wattmeter the
  28.025 or 28.500, in 100w out less than 85 watt
  14.025 or 14.200, in 100w out 90w.
  I ask to other Dunestar 600 owners if their units has the same rf loss.
  Thanks es 73
  Ian Ik4EWX

  glcazzola at iol.it


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