[CQ-Contest] Re: [CQ-CONTEST] callsign in contests

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Tue Feb 20 22:58:23 EST 2001

In a message dated 2/20/01 4:40:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, kr6x at kr6x.com

 > Were N5RZ to find the motivation to call CQ continuously despite his CQ's
 >  going unanswered all day Sunday, he'd send his callsign ~1030 times per 
 >  ((60X60/7)*2), and nearly 25,000 times in a full 24 hour contest period.

     Of course. That's how you WIN SS. DUH!?!

Cheers,    Steve     K7LXC

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