[CQ-Contest] Dayton Murphy Marauder reunion

force12e force12e at lightlink.com
Wed Feb 21 20:26:20 EST 2001

Before we all get too old and feeble and prefer to sit at home dressed in
corduroy pants, flannel shirts and off color suspenders ---- wouldn't it be
nice to get as many Murphy Marauders as possible together once again?   I've
passed this idea to a few of the dinosaurs and wannabe pre-extinction types
and there might be some interest.  For this years Dayton Hamvention, I would
like to propose those who remember and were a part of Murphy's halcyon years
at least sit together at the contesters banquet.

Some of us had a blast during the early 70's whilst we won two gavels and
some of the excitement we were all a part of simply has never left me.  Some
of that group is gone forever but those of us who do remember that very
special time might want to share anecdotes, or at least body noises while
sharing a fine repast.  Perhaps we might even tip a glass to a few members.

If you are going to Dayton and would like to see how we have "grown up and
out" please let me know.  If you know of a MM'r that might be interested,
please forward their call and I'll contact them personally.  There is still
a lot of us out there, so don't be shy, please.



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