[CQ-Contest] Re: [Force 12 Talk] Dayton Murphy Marauder reunion

James Nail jbnail at netzero.net
Thu Feb 22 08:42:10 EST 2001


I remember those times well even Not as an MM'er.  I don't know if we spoke
outside of contests, but I remember your call KID well.  I was one of the BADXC
guys back then (Buffalo Area DX Club).  I wish sometimes the vanity calls
wouldn't of happened because I don't know who anyone is anymore!!  I've 
been off
the air for about 20 years and now just getting back on with 100W and a
vertical.  That too will change...!  I don't know if Dayton is in my plans yet
this year, but good to hear and old friend from the early 70's.


force12e wrote:

 > Before we all get too old and feeble and prefer to sit at home dressed in
 > corduroy pants, flannel shirts and off color suspenders ---- wouldn't it be
 > nice to get as many Murphy Marauders as possible together once again?   I've
 > passed this idea to a few of the dinosaurs and wannabe pre-extinction types
 > and there might be some interest.  For this years Dayton Hamvention, I would
 > like to propose those who remember and were a part of Murphy's halcyon years
 > at least sit together at the contesters banquet.
 > Some of us had a blast during the early 70's whilst we won two gavels and
 > some of the excitement we were all a part of simply has never left me.  Some
 > of that group is gone forever but those of us who do remember that very
 > special time might want to share anecdotes, or at least body noises while
 > sharing a fine repast.  Perhaps we might even tip a glass to a few members.
 > If you are going to Dayton and would like to see how we have "grown up and
 > out" please let me know.  If you know of a MM'r that might be interested,
 > please forward their call and I'll contact them personally.  There is still
 > a lot of us out there, so don't be shy, please.
 > 73
 > Natan W6XR/WA1KID
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