[CQ-Contest] Click, click, click...

Bill Fisher W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Thu Feb 22 19:13:47 EST 2001

The key clicks seem to be getting worse and worse.  This year in the CQ
160 contest, there was one station who could be heard most of 5KC with
his FT1000D.  Several others using Yaesu radios were also producing really
poor signals.  The same thing this weekend, although I'm not as familiar
with the radios that most Europeans are using.

I'm using FT1000MPs at my station and have been told in the past that my
signal was "clicky" or "wide" and I always shrugged it off since my radio
was "state of the art".  Now, I'm pretty sure that my state of the art
radio is contributing to the problem.

I'm happy to apply any modification or fix to my Yaesu radios to help cure
this problem.  But I don't even know if this problem can be fixed.  Are
any of you "smarties" out there aware of which radios are the problem?  My
observations are far from scientific.

Also, how do you folks think offenders should be dealt with?  If I'm
producing a signal that is 3KC wide, and nobody can get close to me, do I
not have an advantage over a station who has a clean signal?  If your
answer is there is nothing that can be done with offenders, then why
should I not modify my radio to produce an even wider signal?

Something to think about OMs.


Bill Fisher

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