[CQ-Contest] Click, click, click...

Paul, VE3ZT ve3bbh at interlog.com
Thu Feb 22 22:11:48 EST 2001

I agree with you, Bill. Have noticed same thing re lots of clicks on the
bands during contests, thought it was just me, though. I run my MP with
about 15-20 db of Attentuation, i.e., helps me when working weaker EUs with
40-over Ws & VEs nearby. I've heard that MPs are bad for clicks (not sure
if true, though).

73, Paul

At 07:13 PM 2/22/2001 -0500, you wrote:
 >The key clicks seem to be getting worse and worse.  This year in the CQ
 >160 contest, there was one station who could be heard most of 5KC with
 >his FT1000D.  Several others using Yaesu radios were also producing really
 >poor signals.  The same thing this weekend, although I'm not as familiar
 >with the radios that most Europeans are using.
 >I'm using FT1000MPs at my station and have been told in the past that my
 >signal was "clicky" or "wide" and I always shrugged it off since my radio
 >was "state of the art".  Now, I'm pretty sure that my state of the art
 >radio is contributing to the problem.
 >I'm happy to apply any modification or fix to my Yaesu radios to help cure
 >this problem.  But I don't even know if this problem can be fixed.  Are
 >any of you "smarties" out there aware of which radios are the problem?  My
 >observations are far from scientific.
 >Also, how do you folks think offenders should be dealt with?  If I'm
 >producing a signal that is 3KC wide, and nobody can get close to me, do I
 >not have an advantage over a station who has a clean signal?  If your
 >answer is there is nothing that can be done with offenders, then why
 >should I not modify my radio to produce an even wider signal?
 >Something to think about OMs.
 >Bill Fisher

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