[CQ-Contest] Nostalga Question

Lee Buller k0wa at swbell.net
Thu Feb 22 23:05:55 EST 2001

I guess I have to much time on my hands.....

I was thinking about my new (but used) FT1000MP coming via UPS tomorrow.....

What does the FT stand for?  Fox Tango?  Or was there something else?  I
remember the early Yaesus were FTDX100...etc.  HMMMM, just wondering what
the FT means.  I do not think it was Fox Tango....

TS is Kenwood, but where is the TS from?
SB is Heathkit, but what was is suppose to stand for ... and ...
HW is Heathkit too but I'm sure it did not stand for Hot Water

I am sure there are others....

Just wondering....

Lee - K0WA
Waiting for my FT1000MP (used) not a Mark V, but still a fine rig

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