[CQ-Contest] DE SI IE

Tom Rauch W8JI at akorn.net
Fri Feb 23 07:05:16 EST 2001

 > Tim, an excellent point.  Not sure that DE is
really needed, but a bit
 > of spacing is.  I often find that if I am too
fast on the uptake, the
 > other station has not finished transmitting

Another problem is the turn-around time. If you
don't give a slight
pause, you might transmit while the other guy's
receiver hasn't
come up.

A "delay" is always required to give a
reasonable bandwidth, as the
envelope rises and falls. Normal rise and fall
is about 5 mS for a
300 Hz BW signal.

After that delay, it takes a period of time for
the receive signal to
recover, whether using QSK or not.

It's always a good idea to force a little delay.
If not, the time you
spend doing repeats (or a busted QSO) can make
up for the 1/4
second or so you don't pause.
73, Tom
(W8JI at akorn.net) 

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