[CQ-Contest] Whats happened to DE ???

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Sun Feb 25 00:20:06 EST 2001

At 10:09 PM 2/21/01 +0000, Tim Makins,  EI8IC wrote:
 >I had an enjoyable 1440 Q's in the recent ARRL DX CW. A few of you might
 >have wondered why I was sending AGN just after you've called me - the reason
 >was the almost total lack of DE from US operators. This, coupled with a
 >lightening reply, left me missing the first one or two dots/dashes from your

The real problem here is that people are simply starting to send too soon
before you're back into receive.  This is truly a pet peeve with me, and
I've had to suppress the urge to write a letter to QST or include some
nasty comment in my contest soapbox.

I had one station call me last year in CW SS and THREE times I could not
get the first letter of his call, so I finally sent "NO QSK HR DAMMIT" and
he got the message.

This past weekend I was at WP2Z for ARRL DX CW, and set up the rig for
computer-controlled radio T/R switching with NO delay on the canned
messages (ex: CQ/QRZ).  I *STILL* occasionally had people calling so fast
that I could not get the first letter.

Folks, it might seem obvious but if I'm not listening then I can't hear
you.  THINK!!  Don't be so quick on the F4 key or to send your call.  The
time you save is more than lost when I have to get a fill.



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