[CQ-Contest] Giving true reports...

Tom Horton k5iid at ntelos.net
Sun Feb 25 06:07:05 EST 2001

Tom, W8JI said  "As these radios age, giving honest reports so people know
when to
"tune-up" the radio will become more and more important."
   I fully agree, but unfortunately, if you give an accurate report, the
receiving ststion pays very
little attention to it and usually just goes right ahead calling CQ Contest.
It seems, also, that most operators today are too intimidated or afraid to
give an honest report.
I have heard stations requesting reports on the quality of their signal,
and the other station
will say "welllllllll, it sounds ok to me" when in fact it sounds terrible.
If I come along minutes later and
offer my opinion the requesting station won't believe what I tell him.
   If I sound bad, I want to know! Even if it is in the middle of a good
run....maybe better while in S&P
mode, but I still want to know.
   I used to be in the regs somewhere that we had to maintain "purity of
emmissions" or something
like that....
   Just my  $.02 worth.
73, tom K5IID

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