[CQ-Contest] Whats happened to DE ???

Leonard B. Revelle lenrev at ameritech.net
Sun Feb 25 10:05:41 EST 2001

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If software users can't be convinced to add 1/2 character space at the
begining of response messages maybe the authors need to hard code it
in. To think I used to gripe at Dennis because Logic took too long to
start the response. Ain't progress wonderful!

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001 00:20:06 -0500, you wrote:

 >Folks, it might seem obvious but if I'm not listening then I can't hear
 >you.  THINK!!  Don't be so quick on the F4 key or to send your call.  The
 >time you save is more than lost when I have to get a fill.

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