[CQ-Contest] Tip - Weak Signal Detection

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at state.net
Sun Feb 25 22:07:44 EST 2001

I have found an interesting trick which may not be new to the old farts
here but newcomers might appreciate knowing about it.  I have been using
a Kenwood TS690 but I've seen this on various rigs with selectable IF
filtering.  This is a real good thing to know when operating on a single
band or at a multi-multi with a particular band of responsibility.

As the band begins to sound dead, switch to wide filter.

Simple enough yet how many do this.  The noise floor drops (no
measurements on this) and tons of yet unworked signals appear which were
too weak to be heard at all with the narrower setting. This works on SSB
as well.

During ARRL DX test this would be very effective, not so much during a
World-Wide because of the different target audience.  It can still help
during a sunspot minimum.

73 from a snowy Lake Moneysgone,  Dan,  KW4T

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