[CQ-Contest] Aurora and ARRLCW conditions

Robert Shohet kq2m at mags.net
Sun Feb 25 21:24:43 EST 2001

Hi Randy,

 > Is it allowed to use Internet resources to improve your score or knowledge
 > of propagation while still being single op?  I guess knowing what the Au
 > looks like doesn't count as spotting, but it does make me wonder where we
 > should draw the line.
Really?  Aren't you the same guy that basically said (I am paraphrasing) "If
it isn't prohibited by the rules, then it is allowed?".  Hmmm.
Now of course we were referring to REAL abuses and trampling of the rules in
that discussion, liking "friends" holding a band edge for their friend
"tag-team" style, as well intentional interference and other things like
transmitting on two bands simultaneously as a single op.   As I recall,
those things did not seem to bother you very much, nor did you bother to
respond to my e-mail on that subject.

Personally, I don't see how checking WWV, which can be done by telephone,
internet or on the air - and which has been a contest staple for DECADES -
or looking at an auroral map, even comes close to any kind of breach of
rules.  I don't see it as any form of operator assistance by another
operator, or spotting or solicitation of contacts, unlike some of the abuses
we previously discussed.  In fact, I see it as no different than any other
operating aid, like geoclock, electronic bandswitching, logging programs,
call-sign databases in CT, etc.  Maybe you do?

If you have an issue with it, then by all means bring it to the attention of
all the contest committees for them to decide.  I don't think that
everything needs to be legislated by the committees, but I do believe in
everyone's right to speak their mind.  If you have an issue with me, then I
think it would be more appropriate to discuss that off the reflector.

Bob KQ2M

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