[CQ-Contest] Whats happening

Vladimir V. Sidorov eu1sa at belsonet.net
Mon Feb 26 15:52:39 EST 2001

Sorry but your statement below is not really correct.

 >- even drop the TEST from the end of the CQ...99.9% of the people on the
 >on that mode at that time are in the contest!

People do know that they are in a contest. But just imagine, you are going
down a band doing S&P and hear the end of somebody's transmission like:
and that's it, nothing in the end. What could it be? There are three
1. XX1XXX called CQ. That's OK.
2. XX1XXX gave somebody an exchange with his call in the end, or repeated
his call, whatever, but he was in QSO with somebody. If you call him, you
would QRM him or even crash his QSO
3. XX1XXX  called somebody himselves. If you call him, once again you will
just make QRM to him.

Whatever buffers are stuffed in, their content should allow a one and only
reading at any moment. So:
- If there is a CQ or QRZ call, It should be followed up with, say,
(probably, high speed) TEST. If you hear it, just go ahead and call him.
- If you hear just a call and nothing follows it, it means, he is calling or
working somebody else and nobody should call him at this moment.

"Walt", EU1SA

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