[CQ-Contest] Whats happened to DE ???

ragnar otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Mon Feb 26 23:31:10 EST 2001

Hi Mike

I absolutely disagree with your analysis of how to work dx with lesser
equipment.   Timing is everything,  but to try to put your call at the front
end and think that you as a peanut whistle are going to work the station,
you're going to be wrong 98% of the time (sometimes you just get lucky -
more likely the pileup hasn't shown up yet).   The biggest burst of sound is
at the very beginning when the station in commencing to listen.   Your best
chance is to work on some timing that will place your call during a slight
lull.  This lull will not be at the very beginning, but somewhere after the
major burst of calls are sent in which the station was not able to discern
anything and is frantically listening for someone to sign and not get
clobbered by six other signals. Find that lull and you will work plenty of
rare dx.


Having been at the " rare" end from time time, I for one always listen on
the fringes of the pile up for weak signals. By doing that I have been able
to work some real weak stations who otherwise never would have made it in my
In other words, it take two to tango !  hi


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