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 >  Obviously technology is a big part of our sport.  Computer tools within the
 >  shack such as Geoclock or super check partial have achieved de facto
 >  acceptance.  I guess I am wondering if Internet-based tools now fall into
 >  the same category?
 >  If so, the day of pure competition by operators based on skill and
 >  has been diminished.
 >  Randy, K5ZD

It simply boils down to the question: do you get any assistance in "beeing
fed" the stations during the contest? Meaning, is somebody else, besides you
telling you (by any means, repeater, packet, Internet ESP, etc.) where and
what station on the band is. The result being, you didn't find it, but
somebody else did it, you just clicked VFO onto him (her, it) and worked it
(multiplier, etc.) while merrily running on "your" frequency.

If we use computers, keyers, compressors, gizmos to assist us in operating is
fine, as long as it doesn't "connect" us to somebody else who is doing search
and feeding of callsigns and frequencies to us by ANY means.

Using computers, Internet, WWV to get other information on propagation,
aurora, rain, flying aircraft, moon position is NOT ASSISTANCE as far as
contest operating (finding and working stations) goes and it is OK. Using
packet, Internet, etc. in gathering station calls and frequencies and
claiming single op is CHEATING.
Nothing like sitting on your "own" frequency whole contest, watching the
packet for new multipliers, jumping onto it to nail the new one and keep
CQing whole contest on one frequency and claiming to be single OP (with 1000
assistants :-). Eh?

The fricken packet should be turned off during the contests, one less means
of cheating. What happened to skills? It's like shooting animals in the ZOO,
catching fish in the aquarium or "working" DX on the list. Some skill!
I prefer to spend my efforts on antennas so I can hear and work the stuff way
before packeteers get to it and QRM it away.

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